APS 700 Series Siltstop

Storm Water Management Solutions

APS 700 Series Siltstop
Polyacrylamide Erosion
Control Emulsion 

APS 700 Series Silt Stop is a soil specific tailored polyacrylamide co-polymer emulsion for erosion control. It reduces and prevents erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from water.

Primary Applications:
• Mine Tailings and Waste Piles
• Newly Cleared Construction or Building Sites
• Road and Highway Construction
• Hydroseeding and Water Truck Application
• Hand Spreading and Ditch Placement 

APS 700 Series Silt Stop is packaged in 5 gallon pails

1.3 - 20.0 Lbs/Acre (Dry)
1.3 - 20.0 Lbs/Acre (Liquid)

Note: Dosage-application rates are determined on soil specific testing. Soil polymers and blends should never be used without testing the soil first. Consult GeoEnvironmental Inc. or send your samples to Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.